Lido di Ostia March Surf History

Based on the last ten years data for this location this page gives daily averages and general conditions for the month of March. Of course these are just averages - it's worth reading carefully to understand exactly what they mean and to recognise the kind of variation you could expect on a trip.

Photos taken by magicseaweed.com users in this month. N.B. We rely on the submitter to accurately date the photo and have no other way to verify this.

Daily Average and Maximum/Minimum Swell Height (ft)

Minimum Average Maximum
Day of the Month
These graphs show the maximum, minimum and average swell recorded on each day of the month over the last ten years. So the red part of the graph is the largest swell recorded on that day over ten years, the blue the smallest and the green bit is the average of all data on that day. This gives some idea of the range of possible swells and the variation over the month.

Daily Average and Maximum/Minimum Swell Period (Seconds)

Day of the Month

Rating Breakdown