Where to Surf in February?

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February might the shortest month of the year, but there will be no shortage of waves over the next four weeks. After a bit of a mid-season nap, the North Atlantic is firing on all cylinders once again, with an XXL swell lining up for Europe this week.

And model guidance is starting to indicate the potential for another big one for Europe on the long range as well. Meanwhile, northern Africa also enjoys these large North Atlantic swells, which means the forecast is looking pretty good for Morocco at the moment.

Finally, Caribbean Central America typically pumps during winter, and this month doesn’t appear to be an exception. Whether you are looking for huge, frigid monster waves or tropical barrels, here are a few breaks you should consider chasing in February.


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While the world’s biggest wave is going to suffer from adverse winds during this weeks XXL event, there is pretty constant swell lined up for the oversized wedge over the next two weeks, and a number of days with friendlier wind.

Forecast: Nazare

Sure, you might not score a Big Wave Award nomination or get the glassiest paddle day ever at Praia de Norte, but even “mid-sized” Nazare with decent wind is scarier than just about every other wave on the planet. If you are looking to push your limits in the heavy stuff, you could do a lot worse than Portugal this month. Plus, there are tons of hidden corners that will be clean and barreling when Nazare is blown out.


French beach break in the dead of winter? Why not?! This first XXL swell is going to be way too big and windy for the sand bars in Hossegor, but the rest of February is primed to pump, and the wind looks decent to epic. Bring a thick wetsuit, a big board, and maybe a ski for the largest days, and you just might score the barrel of your life.

Forecast: France

Anchor Point

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There are two places you go during the Northern Hemisphere for endless, rippable right-hand points—California and Morocco. After a great January on the West Coast, it looks like Califonria is going to take a bit of a rest—but Rincon’s counterpart in Morocco is set to fire.

Forecast: Morocco

Anchor Point is Morocco’s crown jewel, a long, perfect, often hollow point that stretches into infinity, and occasionally enjoys very large waves. The pulse of swell kicking off the month will see borderline XL waves with light wind, while the subsequent pulses over the next two weeks are also looking solid, with wind ranging from light/variable to offshore. If you have been putting off a trip to Northern Africa and waiting for the right time to go, this just might be it.


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While the Caribbean and it’s waves used to be a secret, these days just about every serious swell chaser knows that there are barrels to be had on the backside of Central America.

Forecast: Central America

What many people don’t realise is that this zone tends to be very consistent during the winter, largely due to overlapping, short- to medium-period pulses. In other words, you don’t have to see a purple blog to score Central America in the winter, just a consistent swath of well-placed wind swell—which is exactly what we have over the next two weeks.

Cover shot: Anchor Point by Surf Berbere.