WATCH: Crazy/Genius Plays a Violin While Surfing XXL Nazare

Jason Lock

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Updated 329d ago

Music and surfing go together hand-in-hand. But there's very little people who actually make music while surfing. And less yet, there's only one person playing a violin while throwing themselves to the whim of colossal Nazare.

You might recall Nuno Santos. A few moons back, we featured him HERE, as his project got under way to play “A violin in the most unlikely places”, and yes, that includes XXL life-or-death scenarios at Nazare.

Look, Portgual's big wave hell pit is no joke. You want to whip into 80ft+ monsters, be our guest. Some of the best surfers in the world have met their match under that mountainous, fizzing chunk of water. But, for Santos, this is the only way he gets to blend his passion for playing the violin and surfing massive waves. Borderline bonkers? Of course! But does it not also blur the line between madness and creativity? Jury's out on that one (but probably).

Nuno's just dropped a fresh edit for the project in which we lays a tune over some of the footage he's managed to capture so far. Watch above.

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