Watch: One Psychotic West Oz Slab Session

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West Oz slab session – yes please, or so you may think. But from the looks of this cut, this is more a sit back and watch kind of affair, because, ooeee, do you need to be up for taking a number of slammings.

A few moons ago, lensman Alasdair Evans totally lucked into this session. “One of the biggest swells of the winter was coming and it did not disappoint,” he says.

“Unfortunately, with that main pulse came a southerly wind strong enough to ruin all my go-to spots for filming. Fortunately, I know of one heavy shore break in town that’s nicely sheltered from these exact winds.

“I expected nobody would be surfing it but decided to go anyway, planning to film huge chunks of water detonating onto nearly dry sand.

"I picked a spot and set up to shoot nothing but empty caverns.

“After 20 minutes of shooting the shore break, I noticed two jet skis heading my way. I’d heard there was a slab just around the corner of the same bay I was shooting but had never seen it working, let alone anybody surfing the place. Could I have just lucked into such a thing?

“My curiosity took me away from the empty shore break. The crew was now watching this fabled slab and sure enough, the tow row and boards soon came out. The first surfer to take a swing at it would be Kerby Brown.” Suitably piqued? Hit play above. Gawk.