WATCH: Kepa Acero on a Quest for the Greatest Wave in the World

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It's no secret that Kepa Acero is surfing's favourite nomad. Not only is his surfing (more than) next level, but it's that genuine, humble connection he makes when visiting far flung places that really makes Mr Acero unique in our community. And such is the case here, in Africa, where Kepa spent a bit of time a little while ago seeking the 'greatest wave in the world.'

Though it was flat when he first visited, Kepa vowed to return for two reasons; to find his unicorn wave and to deliver surfboards to the locals who hosted him as a way of getting them in the water. "As surfers we love travelling,” Kepa says. “We are used to going to exotic places in an attempt to surf good waves and taking that experience back home.

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“The intention in this case was not just to take something, but also to leave something in the place we were visiting. We made a campaign via social media to donate surfboards, we collected them and sent them to this corner of Africa, in order to not only take something from the place we are visiting, but also  to share some of our stoke.”

This is that story, spread out over 18 minutes of cultural wholesomeness. And did he score? Hit play.