WATCH: Jorgann Couzinet Is France's Next Electric Talent

Matt Rode

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Updated 50d ago

Jorgann Couzinet has had a great couple of years. The Reunion Island native has been shredding for most of his life, but after relocating to France, getting a coach and really focusing on competition, he really came into his own.

With numerous finals appearances and wins on the QS, he came within a few heats of qualifying for the world tour in 2017 and 2018, and had the opportunity to surf in a handful of CT events as a wild card and injury replacement the past two seasons. Then, when COVID-19 shut down competitive surfing (and travelling in general), he buckled down at home and stayed busy doing what he’s always done—turning heads with his vicious laybacks and stacking clips for what has become a pretty entertaining vlog series.

Despite Jorgann’s star being solidly on the rise, there are still those are unfamiliar with the French talent. So if you happen to be one of those who needs an introduction to Jorgann—or are simply looking for an excuse to watch him destroy a few walls—well, kick back, press play, and get ready to mind surf. The Time Is Now.