Watch: Full Film 'Live to Sea' is an Ode to Scoring in...Sweden!

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“The majority of the Swedish coastline is unexplored, uninhabited,” says Swedish surfer Freddie Meadows in the opening moments of new documentary Live to Sea, which focusses on the travel and amount of dreaming it takes to score waves along that fickle coastline.

Freddie has made it his life to seek out everything Sweden has to offer - and there's enough there if you give it the time, attention and dedication that scoring deserves. And now, a small snippet of Freddie's ventures and ambition in the Baltic has been translated and condensed into 25 minutes, which you can watch below.

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Back in June, MSW exclusively caught up with Freddie to talk about the project and ask about one mind-blowing slab you can see in the footage. “I assume you mean the left…” replies Freddie. “It is one of the waves I live for up here. I call her the queen of the Baltic. It's an incredible place, and somewhere that means so much to me. Every time I’m lucky enough to be there and experience the power, seems to becomes a milestone in my life.

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“And surfing there is mind blowing. A mixture of awe, glory, nerves and frustration. I always have a kind of peace during these sessions, a feeling that there is absolutely nowhere else in the world I’m supposed to be at that moment, ready to do anything for it. Sometimes you have to wait a year or two or more until the right chart arrives.”

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You have to be motivated to find waves in Sweden – it's fickle, it's difficult terrain, it's the Baltic. “It is definitely not easy,” says Freddie. “Solid swells with proper walls and period are few and far between here, so it is always a little nerve racking making decisions when they surface. Some charts look promising only to disappear within a day of arrival.”

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