WATCH: Full Cornish feat. Seb Smart, Adrien Toyon and Ainara Aymat

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Boy, do we enjoy seeing remote corners of just about anywhere filing into our inbox. But especially so when the contents are images, and a neat cut, that perfectly encapsulates life way out in deep Cornwall.

Think, dramatic coastline, working lighthouses (some are for show...) pumping beachies, fish and chips, pasties, charming locals, at least one castle out to sea and you've painted the quintessential image of rural Kernow.

Forecast: West Cornwall
Welcome to Full Cornish, a one week get away with Adrien Toyon and Ainara Aymat heading to Sir Seb Smart’s kingdom in the furthest western throws of Cornwall.

“My favourite thing about the trip was the response by the locals,” relays Seb. “They often suggested that they hadn’t seen many new faces in the area before. Previously, I remember being a grom and getting so stoked every time I saw a pro surfer out in the sea.

"It was always inspirational. So now, seeing those same looks from the locals made me feel proud. It’s those moments that remind me of my roots and how special these sorts of things are. I’m proud of where I’m from and love showing people around. It’s memories created that’ll stay forever.”

Enjoy a few minutes of pure Cornish experience – the waves may be a little lacklustre but the vibes are definitely high.

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