Two Frenchman Trade The World's Best Beachie for the World's Biggest

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When you look at Puerto Escondido, do you think the world's biggest beachbreak is comparable to the world's best beachbreaks in France? Oh 'best' is such a subjective term but the shores of France's sud ouest are hallowed and indoctrinated into the minds of just about everyone. But, do you compare them? Would you? Hailing from France, Charly Quivront and Guadeloupe-born but Hossegor moulded Willi Aliotti (fact; Guadeloupe is a region of France in the Caribbean) have been pouring a load of time in to the Mexican Pipeline over recent weeks, trading cylinders in flat France (for now) for overpowered house-size barrels on the other side of the world. And now, these legends have banged together a stunner of an edit that's full of gawk and hoot. It is two minutes of Puerto burping up a wave and these lads taking a swing at it, self-preservation be damned. See more, HERE.