WATCH: The Biggest European Swell in Six Years

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Leo Fioravanti's entered the realm of YouTube Vlogs, joining the ranks of Nic Von Rupp, Jorgann Couzinet and a couple other Euro rippahs who've taken the dive. We'll collate Leo's latest episodes here, all ready for your perusal. Latest episode's at the top, scroll through for more.

Oh we've waxed lyrical all across these pages from the XXL swell that rumbled Europe recently. See here, here, here and here. Now, it's Leo Fio and pals' turn to unload the goods from a phenomenal few days.

Here, Leo chases a swell in Italy, hopping a flight back home to the boot from the coast of Portugal. The results is "true, core Italian surfing," as Leo says. Take from that what you will.

Who's your money on? Leo Fio? Kanoa Igarashi? Kikas? When it comes to Portugal, you'll throw your money behind Kikas, every time. But that doesn't mean the other boys are just going to lay down. Make no mistake, this is a free-surfing super heat and plus, those candid moments that come as a result. enjoy.

We're going to be honest; certainly wasn't expecting a couplea Euro rippers to slam a Teahupoo edit into our inbox during these weird, coronavirus times. But 2020's the year that keeps on surprising! Leo Fioravanti and Aritz Aranburu made the 23 hours flight to the end of the road for a strike mission, only returning 10 or so days ago. “To enter Tahiti you needed a negative covid test,” says Leo. “And also a test four days after you arrive.” Worth it? Hit play. (spoiler, yes, it is).

Shot by @dmosqphoto and @manuel_claudeville_morell Edited by @tomomcphoto