"One Ended Right on the Rocks, Nowhere to Escape" That's Peru With Jonathan Gubbins

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We've said it before but it's certainly worth repeating; Jonathan Gubbins might just be the world's most barrelled man. Doesn't matter where he ends up, Mr Gubbins will always find himself under the lip of some no-backed drainer.

Now, the nomad's just finished a four-day stint in northern Peru, back-to-back swells in fact.

“It was pretty much the last two swells in Peru, four days in total,” he tells MSW. “It was super crowded and slow but there were definitely some sets, the points were perfect, sand was right there and there was definitely some power, so I went to different spots that rarely break and got some really fun waves.

“The waves here in Peru are super tricky and technical, especially on the drop, one that we shot ended right on the rocks with nowhere to escape. The only way out was paddling back to the point and another spot has a similar set up to Skeleton Bay but is super  fickle. To get the conditions right... it's very hard, but we did and luckily got a 20 min window with perfect conditions.

“When those north swells hit Peru, those left hand barrels come alive. I usually spend some time in Peru this team of the year. It is a perfect place to try equipment for future trips to Indo and Skeleton Bay.”