New Movie Will Make You Appreciate the Ocean Like Never Before

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The connections people make and hold to the ocean are now more important than ever. A global plastic crisis that threatens every living organism on this planet, seas swamped with a disposable culture that we can't get a grip on because the higher powers refuse to take extreme and immediate action.

It's our collective attunement to big blue that's going to help inspire a generation of cleaner materials. And if this short cut doesn't leave you feeling in awe of everything we've got to lose – if we don't change – then I'm not sure what will light the fire under you.

This is the latest edit from Jason Hearn, and it's a true ode to the ocean and it all it can do for us. “I have made around six surf films over the the last 15-years, so I wanted to try something different for a change,” he tells MSW. “Something still ocean based but with a stronger narrative and a message to take away. We all connect on some level with the ocean and this is how Sacha Specker has connected with the ocean over his life so far which i think a lot of people can relate to.”

If Sacha's a name you're unfamiliar with, he's a bodyboard world champ from Cape Town, who studied Nature Conservation at the Cape Peninsula Universaity of Technology.

In '07, Sacha turned his eye to photography and spends countless hours in the ocean, documenting everything from waves, to surfing, to those 'intricate morphing shapes', that are below the surface. This is a glimpse to his connection to the sea, through the lens of Hearn.