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We update the MSW website once or twice a week. We're constantly working on fixing, improving and most importantly building great new product. If you have any feedback give us a shout.

30th Oct 2015
14th Sept 2015
  • New forecast alert system public API View the docs for examples and help.
  • Spot Sessions Page View your sessions for every spot, add sessions to calibrate and improve your forecast.

7th Sept 2015
  • New forecast alert system Clear warnings for all the largest and most interesting swells.
  • New forecast page layout Improved right side bar on desktop giving clearer view of latest related content and spot information.
  • ECMWF Pressure Charts Compare our normal forecast with the European model output.
  • Delete Surf Reports Added ability to delete your own surf session reports.

3rd Sept 2015

26th August 2015

Launched completely refactored and improved Iphone app including:

  • Completely re-engineered for reliability and performance.
  • New maps and spot view make finding your local break easier than ever.
  • Revamped news and video section.
  • Updated and improved maps throughout.

10th August 2015
  • Fixed map overflow on user surf reports.
  • Added tide graph to user surf reports
  • Added swell, period and wind charts to user surf reports

23rd July 2015
  • Feature content tagged and browsable by Surfer, Region or surf spot.
  • Improved sidebar on forecast pages.
  • Layout and bug fixes

7th July 2015

3rd July 2015
  • API Improvements Improved content categorisation and more detail at the continent level.
  • Changelog Footer link to this changelog.
  • Webcam Layout Remove panoramic layouts when out of date or not available.

1st July 2015

16th June 2015
  • New Region Page Completely new index page for each region. Proper maps, photos and stream of latest content all delivered with the new responsive mobile layout for desktop, tablet and mobile.