Introducing Selina Surf Club – Next Generation Surf Exploration


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Have you heard of Selina? It's a new travel brand set up to explore Central and South America and is rapidly expanding into other countries across the world, too.

But before we get into it, here's some background. Right now, Selina is one of the most popular destinations for travelers, digital nomads, backpackers, and world-wanderers. It’s not a hostel or a hotel, but the best of both worlds, there're rooms from $10 to $300. There's also family suites, longer-term apartments, teepees and tents at some of their beach locations.

Selina is building an eco-system for digital nomads and travelers that isn’t limited to where you stay. There's have a network of coworking spaces for anyone wishing to work remotely. Wellness activities for travelers who want to take care of their mind, body and spirit are also on the cards and volunteer activities to connect with the local communities are regularly hosted. And, of course, there's the Selina Surf Club.

Selina Surf Club was one of the first elements of the Selina ecosystem. Surfing is a huge part of the Selina DNA, and an embodiment of the Selina lifestyle.

Selina Surf Club is all about high quality service, good vibes, great company, and sharing the love of the ocean. With locations in many world-class surf spots, everyone is welcome to Selina to learn with professionals – and to soak up some positive energy. Guides take guests to the best waves in the area, coaches are on hand to take your game up a notch, and help newbies get to grips with surfing.

Selina Surf Club currently has nine different locations in; Costa Rica, Panama, Nicaragua, Ecuador and Mexico. Central and South America are a surfer’s paradise. The Pacific and Caribbean coasts offer swells all year-round, with powerful waves and some of the world’s best beachbreaks.

There are a few things that set Selina Surf Club apart. Packages have been created that give you the best of both worlds – surfing and adventure. Try surfing for the first time, surf between work meetings, or find your zen with a surf/yoga package. Here are some examples of the packages on offer.

Co-work and Surf
This package is for the surfer who wants to soak up everything Selina has to offer. Get the full Selina experience while surfing, co-working, and living in Central America in a community of talented nomads, travelers, and surfers. Be a part of a vibrant community of creators, entrepreneurs, and bosses while surfing and networking in the atmosphere of Selina. Find your connection to greater inspiration through surfing.

Surf and Yoga
Unplug and allow your body and mind to reconnect with the Selina Surf and Yoga Package. Experience the best surfing in Latin America while finding your zen at Selina Yoga. The combination of surf adrenaline and yoga breathing will help clear your mind, find inspiration, and feel the power of the waves long after you’ve come ashore. As part of the package, get deeper insight into wellness and treat your body right with a massage and chakra balancing session. This is the perfect experience for anyone seeking connection through activity with the Selina community.

Surf and Jungle
Can’t choose between the beach and the jungle? Get the best of both worlds. Stay at Selina and get access to the best surfing spots in Central America. On your days away from the waves, the jungle is there for exploring. This package is the perfect mix for anyone who loves surfing, nature and adventure.

Surf and Volcano
Nicaragua is known for its volcanoes. If you want to surf, but also see what the volcano hype is all about, this is the package for you. Get to know Nicaragua’s best surf spots with incredible conditions all year round. On your days out of the water, visit the most popular volcano in the area. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the unique mix of surf and nature, beach and volcano, blue and red...What more could you ask for?

Selina to Selina Surf Trip
This is for any surfer looking to score waves from all the best points in Costa Rica. This country is a legendary surfing destination, and its two coastlines – the Caribbean and the Pacific – both produce great waves with quality surf spots. Selina locations are everywhere you want to surf, and this trip takes you to all of them.

What else sets Selina Surf Club apart? The Selina Surf Card. This card is can be giving to each guest after their first lesson. The card is designed with 3 levels on it, and each level contains three tiers; A, B, and C. The levels correspond to different surfing topics that each instructor can teach. The A,B,C on the card means:
A - will be marked if the guest is ok in this level
B - will be marked after if the guest is pretty good already
C - will be marked after the guest is in control and ready for the next level

Selina instructors will mark each letter as done based on their professional opinion about the surfer’s ability and experience. This tool allows to continuously provide personalised feedback to surfers, no matter where the waves take them. For an example, if a surfer takes a lesson at Selina Santa Teresa, and from there goes to Selina Puerto Escondido, they can show the card to an instructor. The instructor will know exactly what the client needs to take his surf game to the next level.

Lastly, one of the best parts of Selina Surf Club is the equipment. The highest quality equipment is provided as the boards are refreshed every year for a brand new quiver. When you come to Selina, you can find boards for all conditions and levels; funboards, longboards softops, plus high performance boards that we created with a surfboard company from Costa Rica called All Ocean.

The All Ocean boards are crafted in the Channel Islands factory in Costa Rica. Selina designed three models, a small wave board, shortboard, and fish. Each model has four different dimensions. Find each board in our surf locations and test them out for yourself.

Plus, rest assured that you can leave your own board at home and still have access to a high-performance surfboard to meet your standards.

Selina is expanding quickly. You can find a camp all over Latin America, and soon in the US and Europe. As Selina grows, so will the Selina Surf Club. Surfers of all ages welcome.