Has Nic Von Rupp Found the Longest Right in the World?


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It's shredders like Nic Von Rupp who employ dozens upon dozens of tricks to avoid drawing a crowd to be on it. And, in fact, you can watch Nic in our exclusive On It series right here. But right now, Portugal's favourite surfer may have just come across one of the longest right hand waves we've seen.

Even though Nic kept this thing on lockdown we couldn't help but look for clues. NVR may have posted these shots and vids recently, there's no guarantee they're from the other day. After the fact, he kept silent. And that’s how you get to score it again.

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So take this with a grain of salt… even though Nic basically tells MSW nothing, he’s probably lying. And we appreciate that.

Hey Nic, don’t suppose you’re gonna tell us how to get there?
Hey, man, you gotta be an astronaut to get to the moon.

Yeah, just had to ask. How did you find out about this spot?
When you know people that know people, you just get to people…

Must have been a risky call?
The anticipation of traveling to the other side of the world with the potential of being one of the best waves in the world, yet maybe too fast, maybe to shallow… Spending all that time and money, not sure if its all that worth it…oh man. And then, that feeling you get when the wave is actually even better that you could ever imagine. That’s the best feeling in the world. That’s what surfing is all about.

So, what describe the wave to us? 
I couldn’t believe it when I saw it. I hadn’t even been to Namibia at that point. It was incredible, I’ve never seen a wave barrel that hard that long with that few people around. Endless blue barrels and enough room that you never have to fight for one.

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How long were you there? And how was it?
It was just a quick, one-day wonder and then it was gone. It’s that kind of swells that only happen in 10 years. Plenty of rides, plenty of endless barrels, lots of closeouts and a lot of broken boards and smiles.

So, okay, then why just this one clip?
It’s a hard place to film. It’s too long. You can only shoot one section of it. We’d get one clip every two hours.

How far was it breaking for?
As far as I could see, barrels. It’s for sure the longest wave I’ve ever seen.

Were you alone, or other guys?
Yes, there were a few guys dreaming about it. But lets just say 99% of the waves went unridden.

You think this secret is going to get blown out soon?
It’s so rare. In 10 years time, when it breaks like this again, people won’t even remember it anymore.

Well, we remember it now. Thanks, Nic.