Coming This Weekend: MSW World Premiere of Hooroo, An Excellent Aussie Surf Road Trip Flick

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Lockdown this, quarantine that, it's all we're hearing about. Good news is, there's a loads of excellent surf flicks dropping and a whole buncha creative people getting their efforts out there to ease the wound of not surfing while we wait for coronavirus to run for the hills.

And it is our pleasure to bring your the world premiere of Hooroo, an Aussie surf road trip like no other from Nick Colbey, featuring Torren Martyn, Occy, Coby Nau, Scott Dennis and more. To be frank, it's an incredible bit of escapism, the lads having fun at some crazy looking waves as they skirt the great Aussie outdoors. The film will be live on the site from midday on Friday, and running across the weekend, so you got a few days to catch this one before it's locked up again.

Our advice? Just grab a couplea chillers, put your feet up and hit play. Lose yourself for an hour or so. Trailer's above!