WATCH: Belharra Will Make You Leave Your Ego at the Door

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Remember that colossal swell that rocked Europe back in October? The one that sent Nazare into overdrive? The one that allowed Conor Maguire to be catapulted into the biggest Irish wave we've ever seen, and thus, into all of our hearts, too. Everywhere across Western Europe was smashed by Neptune's fist over those few days – and of course, France was no exception, its fickle big wave Belharra rearing and detonating on the horizon.

And right here, is a candid cut behind the scenes of what goes through a big wave surfer's mind when a swell like this bellows into existence. Vincent Duvignac was poised to tackle the nuance of Belharra, though was lacking a big wave board to do so. Nipping to his shaper, he picked up a 30kg beast of a board the day before the swell hit – and began prepping mentally. What to do if a 30kg board makes a beeline for your head at 40kpm? Vincent makes it to Belharra. And the rest? Hit play.