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Magicseaweed is the most visited surf media website in the world. Globally surfers trust us to help plan 9 million surf sessions a month.

Specialising in surf forecasting and original content we have a highly engaged audience and offer an unmatched ability to connect our partners with surfers all over the planet.

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Magicseaweed offers customised advertising campaigns that can be scaled and targeted to meet your business needs.

With our unparalleled global reach we can target campaigns locally, regionally or globally, ensuring your advertising campaigns reach the surfers you want to talk to via a platform they trust. We offer a range of solutions which include high impact banners, e-mail and social marketing plans, as well as webcam sponsorship.

We thrive on innovation and will deliver compelling, forward-looking partnerships that excite audiences and get people talking.

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Clients looking to achieve high levels of engagement can work with us on native solutions that deliver excellent engagement bringing your campaigns to life with lasting impact. Contact our Sales team for more information contact us:


Are you a Surf Camp, travel company or other local provider that wants to reach Surfers and travellers at specific locations? Magicseaweed’s business directory provides your business with a dedicated page that is then linked from your chosen forecast, photo & guide pages, with packages starting from $299 please contact us: for more information.

For over a decade magicseaweed has continued to grow throughout the world, we’re passionate about offering surfers the most intuitive and accurate forecast experience wherever they are globally. Join us as an advertising partner and we’ll do our utmost to exceed your expectations.

If you’d like to know more about featuring your brand on magicseaweed please send us your details and we’ll be back in touch promptly. Get in touch by emailing

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