A Special Message from MSW about the Coronavirus


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Situations across the globe are changing at a rapid pace. But there's one universal factor we all need to do to help stop the spread of the coronavirus; we all need to isolate as much as possible. The sooner and more completely we do that, the sooner we can all get back to normality.

MSW users live all over the world and each country’s government has strict guidelines for beating the coronavirus. Before thinking about going to the beach, make sure to check what that guidance is – as it could mean staying at home for the foreseeable.

Kepa Acero, the world's favourite surfing nomad, is currently on lockdown in the Basque Country. In a special message to MSW, he wrote: “This is day 12 at home for me and I know Mundaka has been pumping today too and right now. But I won't be surfing. We have to pass through this chaotic situation, the faster, the better. The most important thing is to not lose people to coronavirus. I miss surfing so much, but the waves will always be there."

And then dropped us the following vid.

COVID-19 is a sneaky bugger. You can have the infection with no symptoms (they call that asymptomatic) and therefore be passing it along to others. Unless you’ve been tested, you should assume you have the infection and stay away from others; keep your distance and stay at home as much as possible.

Please take this thing seriously, which means we all need to practise what our government's guidelines are. Let's lockdown and get this infection flattened so we can get back to business and back to getting in the ocean, without endangering our health and healthcare systems.

Cover shot by Acorn Art Photography.