Uruguay Surfing

About Uruguay

Uruguay is a fairly unknown surfing destination, despite being neighbours with Brazil and having local riders paddling out as early as the late '50s. Omar 'Vispo' Rossi began standing up on a homemade board, not even knowing he was 'surfing', in Praia de Pocitos, one of the most exposed beaches in Montevideo. There are more than 80 breaks scattered along just 200kms (124mi) of Atlantic coast, with a very small number of surfers compared to the giant surfing nation to the north. There's everything from left or right pointbreaks to beachbreaks, not to mention the rivermouths and even outer reefs with big waves. Some of the best spots are not easy to get to and that is why they are seldom crowded. Knowing where to look can yield fun, mellow waves in the middle of the summer, with only the seagulls for company.


  • Quantity of uncrowded spots

  • Semi-consistent pointbreaks

  • Cheap and safe

  • Relaxed line-ups

  • Punta del Este tourist hotspot


  • Lack of powerful spots

  • Small and average in summer

  • Brownish, muddy water

  • Unspectacular scenery

  • Cold winter temps

Surf Spots