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Another beautiful cove fed by twin creeks (in this case Short Sand and Necarney). It’s a half-mile walk down through old-growth forest to a beautiful white sand beach. More Oregon surfers probably have their first Oregon surfing experience here than anywhere else. The beautiful paved-trail hike through the forest, along the creeks will definitely give you the Pacific Northwest surf adventure feeling.
Protected from summer N and winter S winds by picturesque rocky headlands, the surf gets hollow and snappy on lower tides, when it usually closes out on any swell over 6ft (2m). More often it’s mushy and forgivable, especially on a high. There are peelers off the north (juicier) and south headlands with a rip along the south end used on bigger days to get to the line-up. Sand bottomed peaks make this horseshoe cove a big hit with beginners.

Free parking at Oswald State Park (use the second lot near the restrooms and interpretive kiosk). The trail down to the beach begins near the highway overpass. There’s a campground just up from the beach. Proximity to Portland, wind protection, scenery, and campground facilities make this spot frequently crowded, especially on summer weekends. Even so, the vibe is generally good, and this is one of the few ‘beach scenes’ in Oregon. Caution: Thieves work the parking lot, especially summertime; take precautions.

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Stormrider Guide for Smugglers Cove
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  • 8 2 Swell Range 2 - 8ft

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