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one of the best zones of the island, runs from the city of Siracusa till the southeast corner of Sicily. it works fall, winter and spring. features lefts and rights, from experienced tubing to beginners: coves, beachbreaks, points, and several rocky reefs. the waters are very deep right off the shore and the waves may achieve notable power. swell window goes from SSW to NNE. best winds are W, NW and N, but there are spots that can work also on SW and NE. normally patterns creating waves are lows that may track (in any direction) the libian sea, the ionian sea, untill even the area south of Crete, or that may be on Greece, less often there may be a cold front coming from the Atlantic that may turn into a strong N wind on the ionian sea. these storms may produce anything from a one day groundswell to windswell. winds known as grecale-NE and scirocco-SE are the most know to create good surf.\\\\r\\\\nAlong the east cost of Sicily this is by far the best area, it would be a crime to be mentioning others and not this area.

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