North-West Puerto Rico Surfing

About North-West Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is to Florida what Hawaii is to California. It gets big, it's exotic, and it has fierce locals. Located in what is regarded as the best corner of the Caribbean for surf, Puerto Rico's premier surf spots are found on the north west corner of the island. The eastern or windward side is blocked by the Virgin Islands, the south coast only breaks on rare hurricane swells while the north coast is consistent, but often onshore and right next to the capital, San Juan. A deep-water trench offshore (the second deepest in the world) means N-NE swells hit the north shore with little loss in size and power. Although the waves can get very big the average winter conditions are around 4- 6ft (1.5-2m). Most spots break on flat reefs of coral and lava.


  • Consistently offshore

  • Quality pointbreaks

  • Warm, powerful waves

  • Easy access

  • Great weather


  • Windy

  • Heavy crowds and locals

  • Lots of tourists

  • Car crime

  • Pollution/sewage problems

Surf Spots