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The term 'Hawaiian style wave' is an often bandied about phrase that usually has little real relation to the characteristics and character of the wave in question, but Menakoz does bear a lot of the hallmarks of a classic Hawaiian break: the power, the very real danger and the unpredictability. However, the relatively cold water, wetsuits and the jagged Basque coastline mean this is, at heart, a rampaging Spanish bull of a wave.

The wave rears up out of the deep and charges head down onto the reef, the right-hander roaring into the bay, the peak shifting with each set and the surfers following suit. The inside is peppered with rocks and the locals here have spent years learning the beast's nuances and moods. The lineup will be a who's who of Basque surfing history and here you'll see classic waves ridden in a classic style. They demand respect from newcomers. Ask them for advice and they will offer these words, "Don't expect to go out there and charge."

Just getting through the first session is a successful days work. While other Euro spots have come to XXL spotlight, Menakoz breathes a sigh of relief and continues the age-old dance of man taking on nature, not for the glory but for the sheer joy of taking part.

Source: Meñakoz Surf Guide

Ability Level


Beg Int Adv


Local Vibe


Welcoming Intimidating

Inexperienced need not apply.

Crowd Factor


Mellow Heavy

Specialist local crew

Spot Rating


Poor Perfect

Produces quality, solid waves that attract the best surfers in the region.

Shoulder Burn


Light Exhausting

Peaks that shift by the set, you'll be doing a lot of paddling.

Water Quality


Clean Dirty

Not bad, can get a bit dirty after a rain

Additional Information


Bouncing off the bottom.



Bring Your




Best Season


Swell Consistency and Wind Overview

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