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Exposed, swell-magnet reefbreak with racey right walls at all sizes and some lefts. Friendly at 3ft, frightening at 8ft! Max out size unknown. Heavy water at size with crunching barrels over very shallow low tide reef that gets covered at high. Steep take-offs and bumpy faces unless due N winds.

Grindavík´s main break is very exposed to the atlantic and gets a considerable amount of swell. Its a very heavy break once its starts getting a bit of size. Grindavík can be friendly on the smaller days for beginners, but as soon as its starts getting a bit of size it gets heavy quickly.

Very high consistency, even in summer, but rarely perfect. Always a lot of water moving, barely submerged rocks and urchins. Finding someone else to surf with can be a problem. Drive straight through town and turn right then 3 mins west.

Grindavík will break freequently (almost weekly), but getting it very good can be tricky. Due to its exposure it can get messy very quickly. You also have alot of water moving aroung. Crowds are as expected here in iceland (no crowds).

Drive to Grindavik. Drive on the same road straight through the town until you cant go any further, then you turn right and drive up the coast for 2-3 minutes and you are there.

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