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About Costa del Balsamo

El Salvador hides an insane array of long righthand point breaks making it a natural-footers dream destination. Whilst its reputation has been built on the J Bayesque waves of Punta Roca in La Libertad, El Salvador has more than just one wave, and the whole country is literally swarming with awesome right point breaks. Considering its small size, El Salvador could easily claim the highest density of quality point breaks in Central America. The western La Libertad area is the focus of attention but there's no doubt that future interest will turn towards the 'Oriente Salvaje', the eastern side of the country. The good news is that the civil war of the '80s is over and aside from some slight political unrest, it's a safe place to visit. With only 1.5 million people in El Salvador, crowds are kept to a minimum, except around the bigger centres. The area to the W of La Libertad is an excellent place to search for totally empty waves.


  • Perfect right pointbreaks

  • Mellow warm waves

  • Many empty spots

  • Good wind patterns

  • Cheap living


  • Rarely big

  • Few winter swells

  • Rainy swell season

  • Thefts and questionable security

  • Lack of night entertainment

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