Cerdeña Surfing

About Cerdeña

Italy is hardly the most popular of surf destinations and it can be hard to believe the locals when they tell you that they see 12ft (4m) swells and can have waves every other day in the winter. These stories shouldn't be disregarded because the dominant NW Mistral wind blows with such regularity and power that Italy, in particular Sardinia, really does get consistent waves. About 200k's (125mi) west of Italy and 15km (10mi) south of Corsica, Sardinia is the second largest island in the Med. It's also the most consistent surf location in this tideless sea, as even the E coast of the island picks up east swells coming out of the Tyrrhenian Sea, hitting the beaches around Cagliari.


  • Fairly consistent surf

  • Spots facing a variety of directions

  • Mellow crowds

  • Historical and cultural sites


  • Windy conditions

  • Short lived swells

  • Cold winter conditions

  • Tough access

Surf Spots