About Calzada del Gigante

The Causeway Coast, in Northern Ireland, is probably the most surfed area of Ireland's 4800 miles of coastline, due to its proximity to the larger east coast population. It's only 26 miles from Ballycastle to Magilligan Head, but this outstanding stretch of natural beauty is home to north-facing, fast, French-style beachbreaks, plus the odd reef, that are offshore in the prevailing south-westerly wind. The scene is centred on Portrush where there is abundant accommodation and vibrant nightlife (including Kelly's, the biggest nightclub in Ireland). Swells need to be from the NW or N although a massive W will wrap in. Malin Head will block SW swell from the big winter lows which crash into the west coast, but in summer the Causeway Coast can pick up swell from the far flung lows spinning way up north. Can work any time of year.

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