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About Beluchistán

Tucked between Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, the political and geographical landscape of Iran isn't exactly perfect for a trouble-free surf trip. Yet Iran has coasts on three seas, and while the Caspian and the Persian Gulf are too enclosed to produce much surf, it's not the case for the Gulf of Oman, which connects with the Indian Ocean. The region of Baluchestan and its Makran coast continues into Pakistan (see Zone 99, WSG Vol2), offering endless opportunities to discover new waves in the bays and on the headlands of this sparsely inhabited, deserted seaboard. Inland, the narrow coastal plain rises rapidly into the mountain range, so most of the population work in fisheries located in a string of small ports and even smaller fishing villages, explaining the name Makran, meaning fish eater.


  • Totally empty waves

  • Break diversity

  • Consistent monsoon surf

  • Warm water

  • Exotic culture


  • Short swell season

  • Painful heat

  • Mild onshores

  • Language barrier

  • Risky country

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