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After 3 surf missions to the Andaman Islands, Asian-based photographer John Callahan turned his attention to the mainland, where he found some promising satellite pictures of the indented coastline around Visakhapatnam, backed up by good photos of Lawson Bay. Visakhapatnam, aka Vizag, boasts 3 million residents and it's large harbour is the focus for naval operations, steel production and other heavy industry. Tourists avoid the place and even today, there are only 10,000 foreign visitors, mainly businessmen rather than backpackers. Dubbed the City of Waves, there are many aquatic icons like giga-size dolphins, mermaids and submarines along the busy Beach Road. Lawson Bay is the most obvious spot producing the longest and the biggest waves within walking distance from the Beach Road hotels. A huge fleet of 2,000 fishing pirogues punch out through the surf every day to hit the Bay of Bengal deep waters and then surf the boat on some long waves when they return. Only the kids are allowed to play in the surf and lots of them do on the inside, but these are the only locals to contend with in the long, empty line-ups.


  • Set of virgin right pointbreaks

  • Perfect longboard waves

  • SW monsoon consistency

  • Cheap beach hotels

  • Fascinating ?surf city? culture


  • Small waves

  • Sideshore trades

  • People shitting on beach

  • Intense heat

  • Appalling poverty & crazy traffic

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