Mon 20th Sep 2010 10:00am

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South Shore of NS during Hurricane Igor. My leash broke and my board washed up on the rocks and beat open the under water housing for the gopro. I found the camera next to my board in water. It wrecked the camera and shorted out the memory card, but a friend managed to get the files off of the memory card for me.
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Archived Comments
volamoose2176 days ago -5 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
Aaaah so that's how it's supposed to look. Nice
Sai2182 days ago +5 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
Good footage, it's a nice left, but look sooooooooooo cooooooooold!!!
Robb2182 days ago +2 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
Nice vidoe.. how big were those waves?
chachi2182 days ago Unrated Rate Positive Rate Negative
Set waves were 15ft+. I find the GoPro makes everything look a lot smaller than it really is, but the shot of my buddy dropping in gives the best perspective to the actual size. His board is a 9'2". I couldn't believe the drops he was making on that beast.
Salty2183 days ago +4 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
Mate, looks like you were having amazing fun out there, got loads of waves. Would love to come across the pond and sample some of those lefts. Shame about trashing your board and camera but great to get the footage of such a good session back and it's a good story too. Nice little film.