Uge Tan Talks

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UGE Tan isn’t really interested in fame but perversely relies upon recognition to survive. What he has achieved is elevating repetition into an enviable lifestyle.

Every day Uge gets up at dawn and snaps the same stretch of sand before posting it out on the internet and cheering up thousands of desk jockeys, most of whom have probably never been to Bondi. In return some may wander into his gallery and hand over the dollars for a limited edition print.

Here comes the rub, they’re not just purchasing a print, they’re a buying into a physical slice of that daily enthusiasm for the beach, the surf and the endless intricacies created by angles and light. I’m sure we’d all like to live like that, to appreciate and find inspiration in what is on the surface essentially a mundane routine punctuated by moments of stop-press beauty.

All you need is a camera and some spirit, but being a pioneer and a lens-laden Canon ambassador certainly helps.

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