StRaNGe Beautiful LIFE ep 10 - Maghreb Dreaming

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I RECEIVED a message from Stokesy about Morocco…. “Chart looks pumping for Sunday onwards, get out here!” Seeing that it’s only a three hour flight to Casablanca I immediately thought “yeah let’s do it, that sounds easy…”

What he didn’t say was: get the seven hour national express to Gatwick, fly to Casablanca, get a taxi at midnight for 30 minutes into downtown, find a hotel, don’t get abducted, get the first train at 8am an hour north to Rabat, don’t get robbed; we will meet you at the train station and drive 12 hours south to surf a point. Oh and the car’s radiator is broken and we cannot go faster than 50mph. Boo hoo, life’s tough, right? Sucks to go surfing. But it was a mission, one for which we were rewarded - the point was pumping, sun was shining and there were just a handful out.

Really, you wanted lefts? © 2014 Tim Davies

This episode is one I have wanted to do since the start for a number of reasons, being a filmmaker the Western Sahara coastline offers so much in the way of culture, landscapes and an abundance of incredible waves, but most of all I wanted to put Stokesy on a quality right hand pointbreak to show how he mixes progressive surfing with traditional rail work.

Magreb dreaming = sunset dreaming © 2014 Tim Davies

During one session (the left hander) we were having a shocker all day, the waves weren’t really cooperating and on the ones that did Stokesy would bog every rail he could find. After hours of flogging a dead horse we stopped for lunch which consisted of a bowl of lentils and a strong coffee then straight back out there. That was basically the secret formula for going big, he couldn’t put a foot wrong and got some of the most progressive footage to date. Lentils and coffee people.

Tim Davies

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