Parko Rings Title Intent

by on Sunday 24th April, 2011   18412 Views

JOEL Parkinson ripped the bag out of it to claim a a third win in stonking conditions down at the Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach.

Why was this contest so good? Well the 50th anniversary delivered a five day straight swell bonaza finishing-up in the good stuff and the title deservedly went to the best rail-to-rail surfer in the business Joel Parkinson. He defeated Mick Fanning in the all Aussie final everyone wanted to see and suddenly he’s a title contender.

After losing to Adriano will Kelly even turn-up at Rio? The speculation mill is going into overdrive but you have to think that Kelly still believes he can beat anyone. It’s whether he wants to that we’ll have to wait and see.

Rio is the stop everyone has been talking about, offering a totally different canvas to Bells, expect punchy beach peaks, samba, and a chance for the young guns to express themselves.  Bells in contrast is a wave that rewards the surfer with the classic game and who does that better than Parko?

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