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Surf forecasts need data and data needs processing power. The MSW cluster computer creates 16 day forecast data for the whole globe four times a day. © 2014 Magicseaweed.com

If you’re a web developer needing comprehensive and accurate surf forecast data for your latest project we might just have what you need.

It’s been well over a decade since we started collecting and collating weather and marine data and working out how we could use it to predict the surf. In that time we’ve built a solid following here on our website with a forecast that remains completely free for thousands of locations for at least ten days into the future.

Managing this forecast data and our website isn’t easy. We run 13 servers in the US and UK to manage our data processing, database and website front end. In addition to this we have our own in house cluster computer continually running marine modelling software. This powers the long range 16 day forecasts now available on our website and via our app.

We get a great many requests to use this data in other ways. It’s tricky because, as you can probably guess, all this doesn’t come cheap. But we always set our sights on keeping our core service free and making sure as many people as possible could access our data. With that in mind we’ve released a beta version of our MSW API. If you’re not a computer programmer and don’t own or run your own website or app you can probably look away now. If you do fall into this category then you can find out more information here:


In beta you can access forecast information for any of our spots using a RESTful interface. There are some terms and conditions but we’re happy to offer access to commercial and non-commercial projects that can comply. Accessing the data is easy, although to join the beta you’ll need to read the docs and drop us an email for a key.

We’re currently offering forecast data and charts. We’ll be adding tides and live weather information shortly too.

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