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15 sep 03:41
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Leonardo Fioravanti...

Leonardo Fioravanti Elevated in Sardinia

Italy has waves and Sardinia has some of the best spots, places you would not believe. Leonardo Fioravanti knows that better than most...

Photo of the Day
13 sep 04:30 Punta Galea
Chris Read

Chris Read's photo of Punta Galea got picked for photo of the day.

Photo of the day

12 sep 11:40
Feature 23

Teahupoo Pumps and Matahi Drollet...

Teahupoo Pumps and Matahi Drollet Upstages Point Break 2 Production

Highlight of the day was Matahi Drollet, the 17-year-old brother of local legend Manoa Drollet. He blew everyone away.

15 sep 10:11
News 4

Hurricane Edouard Shootout

Hurricane Edouard Shootout

From the Caribbean to Nova Scotia (and maybe even Europe) the forecast is for a medium sized swell to grace your local beach.

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12 sep 02:41
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Yadin, Dusty, Heavy...

Yadin, Dusty, Heavy Panama Kegs

Like a lot of the waves in the edit, this one is a grower. Dusty Payne and Yadin Nicol make light work of things you'd sail on by.

12 sep 10:46

Hurricane Edouard? Reasons to be...

Hurricane Edouard? Reasons to be Cheerful

We breaks down the reasons why Edouard might be the most interesting storm of the season so far.