Sumatra + Mentawais Surf Reports y Surf Forecasts

Sumatra + Mentawais Surf Reports y Surf Forecasts

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In season between April and October when swell swinging up from the Roaring 40s and Howling 50s march south-west across the Indian Ocean and the light trade winds blow from the south-east. Even during the off season when the trade winds switch to west and north-west there are still classic waves to be had and the swells are still regular. Sea temperatures remain steady at around 28°C or 82°F. Nias was the first wave to be discovered in 1975 by Australian surfers and undoubtedly remains the most famous.

21 jul 02:51 Lances Right

Santa lusia Boat

21 jul 02:59 Rifles
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22 jul 08:11 Lances Right
Tengirri Surf Charters

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Imagine almost having a picture of the best wave you ever are going to get and pulling back.
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18 jul 12:15 Asu

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Accommodation near Ombak Tidur
26 jul 09:57