Sur Este Asia Surf Reports y Surf Forecasts

Sur Este Asia Surf Reports y Surf Forecasts

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Thailand, Burma and Malaysia, whilst not internationally famous like their southern cousins do get waves, albeit smaller and weaker than can be found relatively close-by. Thailand and Malaysia's best waves arrive in the monsoon season between April and September and Thailand in particular has a thriving surfing community with more than 60 well known breaks . Burma's surfing potential is still something of a mystery due to the oppressive regime. Only a few spots have been surfed but the feedback has been positive as it receives the edge of swells travelling across the Indian Ocean. Sea temperatures remain steady at around 28°C or 82°F.

17 sep 01:58 Surin Beach

userhenrychapman posted a photo of Surin Beach.

Surin Beach

03 sep 01:11 Khao Lak
Michael Way

Michael Way posted photos of Khao Lak.

At Pakarang Beach, just north of Khao Lak. Waves popped up about an hour before low tide, then went flat again after the tide turned.

12 jun 09:45 Bang Tao

Skyla's posted a photo of Bang Tao.

Bang Tao
Beautiful day on a Skyla's SUP Tour

Beautiful day on a Skyla's SUP Tour