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Here at Matungou we offer a welcome home for travelling surfers and islands explorers whilst you visit our unique paradise here in The Mentawai Islands. Nestled away in the heart of The World’s surfing Mecca, you can relax under the palms that overhang the white sands of Matungou’s bay. We pride ourselves on our support of the local people, with a belief that we bring genuine positive influence to this precious island community. Surfing is our foundation. The islands are our paradise. Matungou proudly represents The Mentawai Islands and their future.

The Accomodation

Matungou houses six double rooms. The two on the first floor are en-suite, while the four upstairs share a bathroom and enjoy a balcony that overlooks the bay. The balcony is a great place to chill and read or play board games. If you’re a sleeper our family-sized hammocks will be sure have you copping Zzzzz’s after lunch! Fans in the rooms keep you cool with mosquito nets to keep you bite-free during the night. Tables and shelves offer you some storage. Both downstairs and upstairs balconies are the main spots to relax in the evenings with comfy seating with a communal feel. We also have an indoor communal area with a sound-system where you can choose to laze about.

The Surf

We are in a prime spot in the Nyang Nyang region of the Mentawai with access to local Nyang Nyang waves and those in Playgrounds. Matungou Bay sits on the southern tip of Siberut facing east out into the channel between Siberut and Nyang Nyang. With the village of PeiPei, 10 minute walk south along the beach we are part of the community as well being nestled away in our secluded bay.

We are well aware of the lengths our guests go to and the sacrifices they make in order to get to The Mentawai. This is why we make sure that your precious time in the Islands is spent exactly as you wish! You can surf from sunrise to sunset, breaking to eat and drink, or you can chill with a couple of planned shorter sessions for when the conditions are perfect. Whether you need 40 or 4 waves a day to be happy, we will adapt to you.
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