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1.5ft 6secs 187° 7mph SW - Onshore - 225°
 Faroe Islands
1ft 8secs 244° 7mph NE - Offshore - 52°
1.5ft 6secs 186° 11mph WNW - Onshore - 285°
1.5ft 6secs 186° 11mph WNW - Offshore - 285°
1.5ft 6secs 186° 12mph WNW - Onshore - 288°
2ft 7secs 208° 6mph S - Cross/onshore - 180°
1ft 4secs 291° 6mph NE - Onshore - 36°
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Open to swells from every direction, with numerous set-ups which can produce world class waves, catching these spots working can be tricky. Cold is obviously an issue as is very limited light in the prolific winter season. During the summer light is no problem but tricky winds and a lack of swell can be, though you have time to wait for spots to light-up. Water temperature in winter are only just above freezing but improved wetsuits are opening this previously closed environment.
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Local News
News Image Surfing in El Salvador
We could refer to El Salvador as “the land of perfect right hand rocky point breaks” since with only 200 km of coast line it has a very high quality density of surf spots, all of them rights.
News Image Stormriding El Salvador
DESTINATION El Salvador: home to the highest density of quality pointbreaks in Central America.
News Image Surf with a Legend in Central America and live the endless summer
Surf with Robert August in Central America Robert August, star from the film documentary Endless Summer and Endless Summer 2 will be flying to Nicaragua to participate in Baja Surf Adventure´s program
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