Francia Surf Reports y Surf Forecasts

Francia Surf Reports y Surf Forecasts

About Francia

A country of contrast and home to the origins of surfing in Europe. Year round swells batter the coastline with winter being the most consistent, though surfing is often possible in the summer months as well. The northern area of the France offers a relaxed vibe and a varied but tidal dependent coastline. The water is cold and the winters are hard. Moving south the water warms and the surf becomes more consistent. The west facing coastline offers the greatest consistency, stretching from Normandy to the Dordogne. The reefs and points of Brittany and Limousin conceal many hidden gems. France's most famous waves lie in the south west, this 200 plus km of beach contains the world class Hossegor and the famous trench which bisects the continental shelf, delivering Atlantic power straight onto the beach. Offshore winds are predominantly from the east.

Surf Report
01 jul 10:20 Moliets Plage

Moliets Plage

  • 5ft

Light Breeze, Alta mar

23hrs ago

Solid 2-3 foot ground swell with a slight offshore . Plenty of waves but too low and closing.

Surf Report
01 jul 06:01 Lacanau
Lacanau Surf Info

Lacanau Surf Info checked the surf at Lacanau.


  • 5ft

Gentle Breeze, Alta mar

1d ago

Fading bumpy long range WNW swell with light to moderate onshore winds. Improving conditions on... Read More

Surf Report
30 jun 08:09 Le Prevent

Le Prevent

  • 1ft

Light Breeze, En tierra

jue 11:30

Pretty flat for now, may improve as tide comes in

Accommodation near Belharra Perdun
02 jul 05:36