Equatorial Guinea Surf Reports and Surf Forecasts

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2.5ft 14secs 203° 8mph SW - Cross/onshore - 225°
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4ft 14secs 204° 8mph SSW - Onshore - 202°
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Equatorial Guinea
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Local News
News Image Arnette Punta Galea Challenge 2013 - Official Edit
OFFICIAL video edit from the Arnette Punta Galea Challenge 2013 won by Natxo González
News Image Postcards From Portugal - StRaNGe Beautiful LIFE ep 9
WE merely slid along a few waves surfed our brains out and had a good time
News Image Natxo González Wins Punta Galea
NAXTO González grabs the Punta Galea title in sold surf at the storming right.
News Image GMAC at 100ft? The Difficulty of Measuring Waves
DID GMAC surf a 100ft wave? The jury is out but here are the things we know for certain.
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