Central África Surf Reports y Surf Forecasts

Central África Surf Reports y Surf Forecasts

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Whilst the area has been explored since at least the 1970s, a turbulent political past and continuing conflict mean untapped potential continues to be discovered. A latitude similar to Indonesia means consistent exposure to roaring forties swell, particularly in the Southern Hemisphere winter months. An abundance of softer swell facing beachbreaks is interrupted by a series of good looking pointbreak setups, but access is strictly for the committed independent traveller with the exception of Sao Tome.

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30 jun 08:46 Cabo Ledo

user307125 posted photos of Cabo Ledo.

Cabo Ledo has a long left wave when conditions are right. Spot is protected from south winds and sand shifts a lot during the year, changing wave formation and condition. At some times, the wave runs perpendicular to the beach, not towards it, which is creates a fun looking wave.